February 2016

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Park District Foundation

A Wise Way to Share!

The Park District Foundation of Allen County is a non-profit corporation operated exclusively for the benefit of the Johnny Appleseed Metropolitan Park District. The Foundation provides the means whereby anyone can share in the fine work of the Park District through planned giving.

The Foundation's "Planned Giving Program" provides support for the Park District both during and after the lifetime of its donors. Substantial tax and financial benefits are realized by those contributing to the Foundation.

Opportunities for Sharing

Many gifts to the Park District Foundation will be in the form of cash. However, gifts may have various forms. They could be:


By giving in memory of another person, a thoughtful, tangible, lasting remembrance can be created.


A living gift; an investment that combines lifetime income with unselfish sharing.

Life Insurance


For general or specific capital projects and programs.


Open or occupied space including property of historic of natural value.


The naming of the Park District as a beneficiary in your will.


Outright gifts of stocks, bonds, or personal property.

Beneficiary Designation

The Park District Foundation of Allen County may be named the beneficiary of your pension plan. After your lifetime, its assets will then come directly to the Foundation, avoiding delay, the cost of Probate Court, and considerable estate tax.


The value of items such as artwork, antiques, stamps, coins, jewelry, rare books, rugs, etc. may be claimed as a charitable contribution in income tax calculation.

Other Assets

Your gift of real property, in any form, may be converted to income-producing investments.

Sharing of Assets

If it is your wish that the assets of your estate be divided with other beneficiaries, you may provide that a portion of the proceeds from your estate be given to the Foundation.

Who Benefits?

EVERYONE! Park District facilities and programs are designed to be enjoyed by everyone from the youngest to the oldest and from the very active to the physically impaired. Your gift, along with those from others, will enable the Park District to expand its services and facilities for ALL visitors to enjoy.

In addition, existing and future acquired natural areas, preserves, and wildlife sanctuaries will be protected against other forms of development.

Gifts of money may be used either for a project specified by the donor or to provide interest income for unspecified purposes. The monetary gift itself cannot be used to defray the costs of day-to-day operations. Thus, the benefits gained from any gift will extend throughout many lifetimes.

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