June 2012

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Programs Offered

Most programs are approximately one hour in length and may be scheduled at a park, the McElroy Environmental Education Center or your facility. Out of county groups are charged a nominal fee. If you would like to schedule a program or have questions please contact our Park District Office at 419-221-1232, Naturalist Office at 419-223-1025 or by email naturalists@jampd.com

(Youth) Interpretive Program Topics

    • Frontier Visitors from the Past
      • John Chapman or Capt' Chris Wood
    • Ground Hogs, Wood Chucks and Whistlepigs
    • Introduction to Insect Study
    • Native Americans and their Culture
    • Nocturnal Wildlife (indoor lesson or night hike)
    • Ohio's Amphibians and Reptiles
    • Ohio's Bats
    • Ohio's Birds
      • backyard bird feeding
      • cavity nesting birds
      • hummingbirds
      • birds of prey
      • wild turkeys and their relatives
      • bird ID, calls
  • Ohio's Butterflies
  • Ohio's Mammals - study skins, skulls & track ID
  • Ohio's Trees and the forest ecosystem
  • Outdoor Survival Skills
    • primitive fire starting skills, shelter building, orienteering and edible plants
  • Pioneer Skill Classes (grades 3-5, Allen County Farm Park only, nominal charge)
    • candle making, soap making
    • tools, barnyard chores and farm history
    • kitchen, butter making
    • toys and games
  • Pond Study

(Adult) Interpretive Program Topics


  • Butterfly/hummingbird Gardening
  • Edible & Medicinal Plants
  • Prairie Wildflowers
  • Spring Wildflowers
  • Tree Identification
  • Fall Colors


  • Songbirds of Ohio

Cultural History

Visitors from the Past

  • Capt. Chris Wood
  • John Chapman